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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Hi Larry,
Sounds like you need alot more downhaul when the wind gets over 12 knots to me.
There are some adj. downhaul systems, but they are complicated and
worked best on race longboards back in the day.
What's you next size smaller sail?
Maybe the 12.5 is just too big for your skill level, and you would only need to use it
when the wind is < 10 knots.
Something around 9.0-10.0 should work well from about 11 knots to 15 or 16 knots for sailors over 165 lbs.
Are you good at pumping?
If you work on your pumping skills you can get by with about 1-2 m2 smaller and still get going in the over 10 knots wind range. Below 10 knots, you need the bigger sails and pumping as well.
Have you learned to "pump the fin"?
A few quick thrusts with your back leg/foot can really loosen your board up on the water and launch it onto a plane.
Hope this helps,

Thx again for the tips... yes I pump, and pump the fin...just not a lot of fun, and often in light wind, I'll pump onto a plane and get a lull and be back in the same spot, so, for me, I'd rather be overpowered than underpowered.

Yes, when the wind hits ~14 and gusting, I really have my hands full with a big sail. But worth it as the wind dies down a bit later in the day.

Now, you have me thinking about a downhaul. My shop (Watersports West, in Largo, FL) has this down haul rig, attached to the mast extension that really cranks the downhaul.... while out on the water... but not on the fly. I'd have to stop to crank, but way better than rigging a smaller sail. Thoughts?

BTW, I was out yesterday 12kts + with gusts to 18 and had a ball with a 12.0. Put the Drake fin back on. Gut feeling, it would not plane as fast as the Mongo, but handled better once I got speed up. However, I did get it to wash out a few times trying to aggressively go upwind.

Heading out again today.....
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