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Default quad 71 or quad 66

First of all, Congratulations for creating Quad. I have Quad 76, and I have sailed once with 5.2, once with 4.7 and once with 4.3 sails, enjoying my wave windsurfing like never before.

The last day with 4.3 sail , during morning session, the wind was the proper for this sail and the board feels perfect in those conditions. But afternoon wind began to increase reaching at the end, gusts of 40 and 45 knots.

I have a 3.5 and a 3.9 sails, but it seemed to me that it was to much for quad 76. I took my Da Curve 73 (Tabou) but wind was too strong and gusty to enjoy myself.

My intention is to buy another smaller quad, but I don't know if 71 or 66.
What I'm searching is the best for 4.3 and 3.9, and able to be sailed confortablely with 3.5, but only in very few occasions.

I sail in winter in Mallorca. We don't have the better conditions. When the wind is strong , it is always gusty too, and that's why I doubt about the convenience of Quad 66 for these conditions. In fact, if you think 71 can be ridden confortablely with a 3.5, then I prefer it than 66.

I'm used to reduce fin (in single fin boards) when wind increases ( in Da curve I used 24, 22, 20 and 19 cms. fins since 5.2 to 3.5 sails) and maybe quad 71 with the set of 13-11 cms works really well with 3.5 sail.

I'm 70 kg. when dry.

Thanks and Congratulations again
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