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Del Carpenter
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Default How many US states did you windsurf?

One of my goals is to windsurf in each of the 50 US states; I'm sure others have already accomplished this or are further along than I am in the US. I windsurfed in 34 states in the District of Columbian and have 16 US states left to go (AA, NV, ID, UT, ND, OK, MO, LA, MS, TN, WV, NY, VT, NH, CT, and RI).

What is the number of US states where you windsurfed?

How many have windsurfed in 3 or more states in one day? And where? DE, NJ & PA all meet on the Delaware River near Claymonth DE. The Mississippi and Ohio rivers each have a few places where 3 states meet. And under the right conditions it might be possible to sail about 45 miles from Connecticut waters across Rhode Island to Massachusetts waters. My best so far is two states in one day, Virginia and Maryland by crossing the Potomac River from Bell Harbor VA, and Illinois & Iowa by crossing the Mississippi from Nauvoo IL.
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