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Default phantom 320 - installation of a kayak seat

I received a Phantom 320 2009 recently, and was very happy to observe that it was possible to install on it the kayak seat I had previously with my Bic Jungle (very comfortable seat sold by Bic).

This uses four footstraps inserts, but there are many on deck, and the obtained position of the seat is perfect. I tested on water and everything is fine. Having the possibility to use boards as kayaks easily provides very interesting versatility to windsurfs in the range of 320 cm (use without fin). I spent one of my best days this year to go round the Presqu'Óle de Giens on such a windsurf/kayak.

Only issue, you have to unscrew the 8 screws maintaining the daggerboard. That could probably be improved, a daggerboard system in which you can easily pull out the daggerboard, as it has always been the case for ages, would be much more practical, not only to install a kayak seat, but also to transport the board.

Also, following a precedent message, I would like so much to buy a Phantom 320 2010 but preferably in carbon, as these boards are relatively heavy. If people buy these as raceboards, they will expect to have the possibility to buy them in carbon. If you sell first only tufskin, then produce maybe carbon in case of success, whereas many potential buyers would wait for the carbon version, there may be a contradiction.

My dream would be a 320 with all wooden deck ...
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