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Default iSonic Speed for Lightweight Rider

Hi all,

So far I have a one board solution, 106l F-Type AHD. My first board was 130l Bic freerider but this summer it was pretty clear that the board was simply too big for powered up conditions.

My 106l board has been fine up to now control wise, with the exception of a bit of spinout due to the relatively small fin (31cm generally sailed in chop with a 6.0m).

I've never tried a smaller board volume wise and I was wondering if, for my weight 52kg, an iSonic speed special board could be used pretty much as a normal high wind board?

I think the 82l would be fine for me, at that volume I guess uphauling doesn't happen. For my weight could I get an even smaller model for high wind?

Does anyone have this board? Does tacking become very difficult? Also, how do these boards jibe?

Thanks, I really think this would be an awesome high wind solution board for me.
JP Super-X 106l, North F8 Ram: 5.8m,
175cm, 54kg
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