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I haven't sailed the big speed special nor the iS86 slim (also 82 liters) but based on my experience of the iS86 and the mid sized (49) speed special I think the iS86 slim will be a more all round board. Easier jibing and more stable platform overall.

But I must also say the is ss49 is indeed surprisingly easy to sail and gets going very early for its size. You can for sure crank some fast jibes on it too. I suppose this goes for the bigger ss also. But the ss is 10 times more edgy and require much more precision from the rider.

So if its ultimate control relative the size you're after and if you are the more experimental type that like to challenge you skills a bit, sure the big speed special could be an option. At 82 liters it's uphaulable for you, its just a matter of balance. The iS86slim will be much easier to uphaul though, despite having the same volume.

But maybe someone with more experience on the particular boards can chime in. I'm also a wave sailor that use these "go fast boards" sort of like freeriders on my local lake. So on hand hand I'm maybe using them like you want to do, but on the other hand I spent a lot of time on really small wave boards over the years, which may help when it comes to handling also the small speed boards.

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