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I have the same question about the IS101 or F101. Probably here, the same thing is valid, but shouldn't the jibe get easier on smaller volume ISonics ? In general, does the difference between futura and isonic (also on the level of speed) get smaller with smaller volumes or just the opposite ? I like to be the fastest (although I never am , but I also enjoy fancy jibes. When you say that the isonic is more technical, do you mean that only the jibe is more difficult or that also other elements are more difficult ? Examples ? Which one of the two for instance can handle more foot pressure on the fin without spinning out ? Which one is better in heavy chop ? I heard that the Isonics need more sail power. Does it mean that the futura's are faster with the same sail size ? Sorry about all those questions, but I appreciate all comments because I cannot make up my mind.
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