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For Vict90 I believe a Futura is a better choice. Generally, if you're an intermediate freerider sailing 120-130l boards, and haven't tried any slaloms before, better to stay with what you know. At least until you try a slalom for a few sessions.

iS is more technical because of several factors: it is short and wide so it's hard to slog; also harder to tack; it will plane earlier with the right technique (weight placement and a few pumps), but if you just stand there waiting for the wind to pull you on the plane, you may end up planing LATER than on a freeride board; just sailing it in the straight line requires more concentration and effort, especially through chop; and gybes require more precision and commitment. If you can live with the above, you WILL go faster, and in a wider range of up/downwind angles (which is important to me, cruising rather than bafing). With a same sail in the same (not too heavy) conditions, I'd say iS will beat a Futura every time - IF a rider is up to it (I don't mean a pro, but see above). One more thing: you can match a Futura to a camless sail very well (or you can also use a cammed freerace), which is not such a good idea on an iS.

Everyone of us has a comfort zone. Outside of that zone, the fastest board in the world won't help you, it will just make your life miserable. For example, where I sail, in 25-30+ knots and the resulting swell/chop, I wouldn't ride a slalom if you paid me. It's way too fast, directional, wants to be ridden with the hammer down all the time, and wants to take off. So I'm much more comfortable on a Kombat or similar, and faster as well.

So it's very hard to predict will an iS be faster for you in your conditions. I think you won't be able to make a decision, even with all the advice from Jesper or others, until you sail an iS and compare it to a Futura for yourself. Some freeride sailors I know, like slaloms (I do, but mostly in sizes larger than 100l), others hate them.

Good luck

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