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Default Micro sails - what board?

Hi Roger

I remember this topic appeared some time ago but couldn't find it, sorry for repeating it.
My kid is still too small to try windsurfing, but I have several mates who had this problem: micro sized sails (around 1sq.m.) doesn't seem to go very well with most daggerboards. Because of their dimensions, centre of effort isn't in the right place to react properly with the boards centre of resistance, if I understand it correctly. So how to resolve this?
1. Is there any older models that you would recommend (starboard or others)?
2. What about new Prokids Go, there is something that I don't understand on the product page: it says CENTRE FIN BOX OPTION (I suppose it acts like a mini daggerboard), but in the boards' specs the table says Drake Freeride Flow 400 S-Flex + 2x Drake Shallow 310 FRN+Base. What's with two fins?

Thanks in advance (others, not just Roger welcome to comment)

Late edit: I suppose two fins of the same length go in the middle("daggerboard") and back position

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