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Default Companion boards for Evo 75

I am a relative lightweight at 62Kg. I am lucky that I am completly impressed with the performance of my xtv evo 75. If I only needed one board to jump,gybe in a wide variety of conditions it surely would be it. Sails 5.2,4.7,4.2,37 plus a somewhat superfluos [6.1]

However, I am not completly happy with my companion boards
I have a 06 acid 80 which i picked up .....for cross-off light winds. However the evo 75 appears easier to tack and is lighter and i am dubious as to whether the smoothness of the acid down the line outweighs this drawback.
I have a JP 69 RWW when it gets rougher - I do notice sometimes the evo is a bit big when powered up. The disadvantage with the JP is that it sags off in any lulls - and it is much less forgiving when gybing.

I had a JP FSW 78 previously - and whilst this was good for cross-on conditions - the ride was too directional and hard under the feet compared to the evo - so its gone.

I am seeking an alternative to the acid - ? big board which will take a 6.1 and I can tack easily. [evo 80,90 ?]

Would a quad 71 full-fill the cross-on and powered up days where the 75 evo is too big ?


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