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Default Formula 2008/2009 Vs. Formula 2010

Hello. I am in need of some advise on what board would be a better choice.
I currently have a starboard formula 2004 158L, and is looking to upgrade to a newer one.

My current choices are a 2008 Forumula 162l, 2009 Forumla 162, or a 2010 forumula LWR/HWR (all new boards).

Which of the above three would be a better board to buy?

I am looking for top end speed, my sailing is mostly lake sailing under 18Knots, we rarely get days in the 18-25 knots range and for those I use my smaller boards (08 Futura 133, 09 Isonic 144, 08 JP Excite Ride 130).

What I am looking for is a board that will get me planning earlier and in 9-12 knots, but at the same time a board with a potential for a higher top end speed. I found that my 2004 formula is pretty much capped at the 22 knots limit. Maybe it is just my sailing and/or the coniditions here, but no matter how hard I try I can not break the 22 knots mark on it.

Of the boards I mentioned, which would be the better buy, in terms of early planning and higher top speed? Is board weight an issue? I noticed that the 2008/2009 are a bit heavier than the 2010 LWR followed and the little bit heavier 2010 HWR, is there really a big difference in performance due to weight?

Also between the 08 and 09 formula, is the difference only in the graphics or is there any performance/material construction difference between the 2 board?

For the 2010, would you recommend the LWR version or the HWR version for me. I am 78 Kg. The site says that the HWR is made for light to medium wind conditions, what does starboard consider medium wind condition? I am concened that the LWR version may be too big.

How would any of those board compare to my current 2004 formula. I am not reading a lot of good reviews for the 08/09 162? Is there known issues with this board?

Thanks so much for your help.
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