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The Kode86 is a great board, but if I think that with the Quads now on the program, it is easier than ever to choose a dedicated wave board instead. At least of you are worried about frontside wave riding. The Kode rips and its probably one of the waviest of all fsw boards, but its still a faster design that need more technqie to ride wave really well in onehore. The strengths of the Kode 86 in waves would be marginal days (like those you mention) but where you put most focus on bacside riding, jumping and general just a nice feel riding around, possibly some freestyle tricks. IN short, all the things fsws do well.

A Quad 81 will feel much looser and offer a totally different feeling for riding frontside. And since it such an early planer an also great upwind, there is not much to loose. I'm sure you will love in in just the conditions you describe. It's awesome for making the most of light and mushy stuff.
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