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> How did the technology of Starboard boards developed since it started manufacturing boards? What materials/ technologies were used earlier and how do they differ from the ones used now? When did Starboard started using carbon fibre for making boards? What was the first carbon board made by Starboard (i mean model and/or year of production)?

I don't know the details, but you can read a bit on the wood construction, which has some carbon in it, on

>Does anyone know what is the relation between the microscopic structure of carbon fibre and it's physical properties?

I think searching on wikipedia and following some links from there will give you better answers than we can provide here.

> Apart from low density, stiffnes and wear resistance, what are the reasons for use of carbon in windsurfing boards? What types of carbon mats are used in different parts of boards and why? Are special types of mats used in different types of boards (e.g. slalom, freestyle, wave)? What are the properties of commonly used mats (i mean their physical data, tables, spreadsheets and all other boring stuff would be very useful )

I don't know the specific properties, but on the link above you can look at the wood carbon constructions and read about some various type of mats, both flat weave and braided. The reasons you give for using carbon, ii, I think, good enough.

>What innovations are made to improve properties of carbon boards, is carbon combined with other materials apart from Kevlar and technora? What are the benfits of that?

Those are some example. For Starboard wood is also used and of course various types of foam and matrix (plastic). Each material has specific roles.
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