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Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Think you`ll find kode a bit hard in chop. (especially Carbon) I tried k94 and even with my 100k (ish) it was hard in chop. It is quite wide for its volume and think at your weight you`d need to go very small to cope "easy" in chop. Think you`d prefer Acid.
Try a few..

Dont think you could go too small ; you`ll be swapping board in under 2 seasons anyhow so dont worry about weight gain !!!

good luck,,
Why would I swap a board after 2 seasons? The slight improvements in performance developed over a 2 year period are hardly worth paying $2000 for if you've already got a good board. They ARE worth paying when you're going from a 106l freerider from 2005 with soft deck syndrome to a smaller, lighter and more recent board. In fact, I've been dealing with chop and high winds so far on my 106l, which is already a SO MUCH better than the 130l bic I used to use which was just retarded for my weight, (but it was my first board, i thought it was small at the time, etc,etc) that I think that just about anything smaller/more modern will have more control/comfort in higher winds.
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