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A freestylewave board is a very user friendly all round board that is a great introduction to waves and freestyle. It is also excellent for burn and turn / bump and jump.

As people become more experienced they may decide to specialize more and buy a full on wave board or full on freestyle board.

Jumping a full on freestyle board for many of the moves will end in tears. The key is to pop the freestyle board which is an entirely different skill to jumping and is helped by using a very small fin to clear the water. The very small fin also allows the board to spin in the water as does the boards short compact shape.

Fast acceleration to get as much speed as possible (over a very short distance) into the next move is also useful. Helped by the freestyle boards wide tail and flat rocker.

Freestyle think popping, slipping and sliding with constant changes in direction.

Freestylewave think control, blasting long distance in a straight line with the odd jump.
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