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Default RE: What are wingers?

Hi jonnyc

Wingers first appeared on surf boards and the name comes from them.

First they were a way to have width near the back of the board. They still wanted a narrow tail for turning so they came back in using steps. The amount of steps or wingers depended on how wide the board was.
They then found that the sharp edges gave more grip in the turns. The next step was to have chanels in the bottom releasing at the wingers. The next step was to take away the sharp wingers and just have a small round bump.

These have been used buy windsurf shapers at different times on all types of boards.

Looking at the current pictures of the iSonic I am a little puzzled as the icon for me is in the wrong place for a winger it should be where the board goes in from the wide point. Not at the back of the cut out.
Or maybe they are calling the board a double winger.

The cut outs on the bottom are acting like wingers without changinig the outline shape. So starboard are now using wingers and cutouts to get the desiered water release and tail width. The result more control with more speed.

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