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Originally Posted by docgr View Post

I have two 2009 boards 86 and 111. And I'm exactly 70 kg like you. Going out in lake garda with 20-25 knots in early morning, i was expecting to use the 86 just a few times .... and ... it's two months that i use only this board (mostly with a 6.2 .. sometimes with 6.7).

Maybe it depends on the condition where you do windsurfing ... but for me it's just like this ... light wind: 111 with 7.6 or 7.1 ... and then 86.


Grazie Giorgio, very useful observation. Here in San Francisco there are quite a few days with conditions requiring a 5.5-6.0, no idea of what is the wind speed (I carry no anemometer nor check wind speeds) but they are solid overpowered conditions with 5.5 when I clock my best speeds.

Have fun on Garda, I miss sailing "our" Italian lakes.

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