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hi guys... i'm just a beginner. i already use harness but not in the footstraps yet. i'm 5'11" and 200lbs. i'm planning to get a new futura but can't decide on what volume to purchase. condtions her in my place where i sail is 15kts average with choppy waters sometimes. any suggestions on the volume of board i should get? is technora more durable than wood? i want to get a much durably futura because i know i will learn on it and maybe damage it later on. thanks...
I'll try an answer: as a beginner you need at least 30L more than your weight in Kg to be comfortable when slogging, uphauling your sails etc.. So the Futura 133, or maybe better the 141, might be the best board. The nice thing is that you won't outgrow it when getting better, it will just become your light wind board.
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