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Originally Posted by GURGLETROUSERS View Post
I accept that thinner boards can be strong, but it raises another issue. My original Evo 74 has lasted because it is heavy and, presumably, strongly built. [ Did Starboard over build them because they were takinf things in a new direction and wished to avoid negative feedback?] ------ The general trend since, however, has been for ever lighter boards. [Including Evos.] This is where my main concern lies. You can have a light fragile board, or a heavier durable board, but you CAN'T have a lighter stronger board. Carbon may be stronger than steel weight for weight, but it is used to lighten boards. NOBODY MAKES A HEAVIER MORE DURABLE CARBON BOARD. Why not? I would buy one!
Have you ever snapped a 'thin', modern board? how do you know they're less strong?

Surely with new material allowing people to go out in tougher conditions Starboard will have made sure to keep the boards as strong as they were, if not stronger.
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