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the larger fin [28cm] in stronger wind was causing me to lose control, this may have caused my front foot to feel like it was about to come out.

have used i76 since around 15/20 with 28 fin.the i76 for my 67kg is more of a med/high board i think. when i use i76 with 25 fin the board slides laterally unless my 5.0m is rigged flat + wind is strong.

in 15/20 with 5.0m + 28 fin the board felt superfast, although did not test it against anyone. it sails quite low and very easy to sail. it stays on track, it sails by itself.

it weighs around 6kg a bit heavier than some carbon does feel a little heavier than f2 sx 80litres.probably stronger.

i am going to re/position front straps and try and find optimal position.

will post again when i test it against my mate greg,and let u know.
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