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Default Phantom 320 or formula

My F159 with Tushingham Lightning 10.3 is quite a blaster from about 10 - 12 knots of wind. Below this it's very boring, as I will be on/off planing og just slogging most of the time.

How would the Phantom 320 be in this area? Will it plane noticeable later? Will it be seriousely blasting in t.ex. 12 knots of wind? What about 15 knots? How is jibing on the 320? (I can do planing jibes on my 159).

How is the 320 as a cruiser in on/off planing winds?

The longer boards are said to be fun in non planing mode, as you should be able to kind of edge the board on the daggerboard in the straps even in less than 10 knots. Is there any action in this?

In + 15 knots I have iSonic 122 and 8.5, so I want to have fun from 4 to 14 knots (which is 75% of the wind in my spot).

Can the Phantom be sailed with a 10.3.

Isn't there a link somewhere with a video of the 320 in action??

I'm 95 kgs and only sail for max fun.


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