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Althought the Futura and the JP Xcite ride are roughly the same size (liters) I feel they are very different. It really depend on what you want it for. What conditions you sail in most of the time. The futura is wider (76 cm vs. 70 for the Xcite) and a bit shorter than the JP, with less rocker as well. I look at the futura as a cross between the freeride and slalom boards. It is an easier alternative to the real (more technical) slalom boards such as the isonic. The JP is a true freeride board. I feel the JP is livelier and more of a better fit for choppy conditions and strong winds. The futura can handle chop but it really shines when you use it in flat water condition as it can be pushed to really good speeds and accelerates very well. I would also think that the futura would plan earlier than the JP in those conditions, although if you get the pro edition for the JP it may not be the case (I have the wood sandwish JP).

Overall both boards are very nice, you can't really go wrong with either but it will mainly depend on what you want the board for and where you sail. I use my futura when I want to be blasting around with minimum effort, and my JP when the conditions gets choppy and strong.

I hope this helps.

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