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Unhappy Hull like a golf ball

Hello, I have a problem. After a windy session, tired and happy, I left my board resting on the ground with rig attached. Although it was well placed the rig under the wind actioned like a spring for the board and ligthly but consistely it hammered the hull on the ground where small but "hostile" stones did a very good job indeed.
I have the hull looking like a golf ball...welll not exactly that but I can count about 20-30 small valleys, little dings, none penetrating, no breaks, but this tiny horrible frustrating non penetrating dings that have ruined the hull. Now, it sounds like with some epoxy I could do the job but the depth of the "holes" is so little ( yet veeery visible) I should make it bigger!!! ( read using a cutter and break them ) to have the epoxy attaching well this logical, stupid or....anyone has a suggestion? thanxxx
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