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Default Which Size Flare Freestyle Newbie


I am interested in purchasing a Flare solely to learn new and old school freestyle on. I currently sail a combination of California Coast waves and San Francisco Bay / Delta bump and jump. I would classify myself as a decent wave sailor who wants to learn freestyle moves to improve my wave sailing. The Flare will only be used for in bay / delta sailing to learn the freestyle moves and occasional light wind cruising (5.3m) in the swell by the north tower of the golden gate bridge. My only other board board is an Evo 75 liter which I use for all wave conditions and bay bump and jump.

I am 72 kgs and will use the Flare in 4.5m - 5.3m conditions. Please help me decide which size will work best. Since I sail in pretty high wind and am fairly light I am wondering of the 88l might be the best choice. But since I want to get the board that will give me the fastest learning curve I wonder if the more stable 98 liter would be better.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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