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Originally Posted by joe_windsurfer View Post

i have a similiar situation and purchased SolarEZ for the job
i never got to actually try it cuz i was NOT 100 % comfortable how the liquid worked using it as a seal around the mast base on a really old board
the final result is okay cuz it IS an old board
from what i read on the instructions i did NOT see how i had to break it to fix it
it stated /states to put a plastic sheet over it which sounds like it will be decent - talks about tail, nose, etc repairs
maybe when i no longer care about my "new" 2006 board, will i try such a repair

IF U do try something like this product - PLS let us ding heads know :-)
I've used Solarez to fixed a ding on one of my boards. It always seemed kind of sticky despite the dry in a minute under the sun claims but it's held, definitely a product i might use for this sort of problem.
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