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Hi Unforgettable,
Two things....
1/ The part of your board that actually contacts the water when you are planing, is all at the rear and back behind the mast foot.
If you had the fin in the board when it was damaged, the fin would have prevented all of the "performance critical" planing surfaces from beign damaged.
Everything forward of the mast foot is out of the water and probably makes no difference at all.
2/ You can easily repair the dents and dings (without opening anything up).
Take a bit of 240 grit abrasive cloth, and rough up the bottom of each dent.
Then wipe the dents out with a cloth or paper towel moistened with acetone to clean the interior of the dent of any wax or mold release compound (this should not be an issue on a Starboard because most boards are spray painted.
Then get a kit of Marine Tex or JB Weld Quick (I like the Marine Tex better as it's "filled" and easier to sand/blend back to the surrounding surfaces) and a "plastic spreader/spatula".
Mix up some of the filler according to the package directions and work a small amount into each of your dents. Trowel it flat with the surrounding surface as carefully as you can.
When you have all the dents filled, sand them carefully to blend in with the surrounding areas.
Then get a can of spary paint that matches the color of the bottom of your board and respray over the filled areas. (Marine Tex will set up kinda gray in color..... JB Weld is black in color).
You could also use polyester auto body filling putty (2 part kit) and a plastic spatula or find some old fashioned lacquer putty. Mix up some putty, according to the package directions and use the plastic spatula to spred the putty in the dents. Might take more than one application to get the deeper dents completely faired in with the rest of the bottom, but when you are done your board will look just like new if you can match the paint.
The application of a polyester based filler is not a problem on an epoxy painted board once the epoxy is fully cured. Just keep the polyester away from the core foam as it will "eat up" the foam.
No sense opening up a completely sealed board to fill in minor dents.
Hope this helps,

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