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Default RE: North Sails "One mast fits all" concept.

Hi Roger,

Looking back to my prior post I should have offered somewhat of a qualification with my comments. I was viewing my brand, but in particular, my thoughts were more based on small overlaps or possibilities. I should emphasize that I wasn't proposing using a single mast over a broad range of sails. Really, my strategy is more focused on the "custom" idea. I like to view it as an outgrowth of thinking outside the box a bit. Of course, like I mentioned earlier, I'm a lighter guy that can make decisions that heavier folks can't always benefit from in the same ways that I do. On the other hand, they can make inpendent decisions on the other end of the spectrum using a little stiffer mast, and this might even mean allowing some mast extension off the top. I think that it's important to exerperiment a bit, especially if one needs to conservative on their financial expenditures. Sometimes compromises aren't always a reduction in performance. That's where the "custom" ideas can shine.

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