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Hi Xander,

I have a cousin who is married to a American he doesn't windsurf much as before.

Ever since he moved to the states with his wife he told me that he spent most of his time sailing near the gold bridge.

He told me that the current is very strong but as it gets windy you don't seems to feel it.

He weight about 80 kg and he use mostly 5.3 or so sails. So i can imagine it can get windy there.

I weight at the moment 75kg and mine mainly use board is the Flare 88.
Sail sizes that I use are from 4.0 - 5.2 Mauisails loco sails.

I have tried and sailed the 98 and it's feels better with bigger sails like 4.8 and up. but you will get better feel of the 98 with a 5.2 sails. this is my personal opinion.

The 98 is much better balanced out feels really good under your foot doesn't feel big and super great in the high wind condtions, the more windy and choppy the better the boards seems to work. the pop is incredible.

As for the 88.

Well it's the son of the 98, feels much loser well balanced out nice smooth while sailing, to me it feels like a freestyle but you can still do wave with it. just the board you need when doing high wind freestyle, 4.0 - 5.2 suits this board perfectly it's my board of choice and the sail sizes that I use the most it perfect.

i won in Germany sylt pwa worldcup using the flare 88 with a 4.8 mauisails loco sail, and it was just the right board for the extrem conditions.

Mostly if you are using such small sail in such high wind condition you won't need that much big board because it won't get you that much fun like the small board do.

The 98 in high wind will slide much slower. while the 88 in high wind will slide faster and that will be much fun and you feel much better with having a smaller board under your foot..

any Question let me know.

Taty Frans
Taty frans

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