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All things being equal i think the new Phantom is alot faster then the equipe 2
and the older lightning race world cup edition.
I say this as me and two friends took all three boards out one day and comparison sailed. We all had the same advertised sized sails, neil pryde 8.5: V-8 , helium, and 8.5 loft dagger .
We all weighed within 20 lbs of each other.
The phantom pointed higher then the other boards. We switched sailors and still had the same result.
Now I admit while this wasnt very scientific ie we didnt all have the same "brand " of sail and were not able to do comparisons in anything other then light up to 7 knot winds, the difference was there.
You can look up a more detailed opinion ( and that is all it is ) on the website.
If i had the money i would buy the new phantom, my lightning will "proabably " be beaten "IF" , and thats a big IF.... i cannot sail better and or get luckier when facing the phantom sailor.
Jeff E of the Great White North
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