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Hi Jeff
Thanks. Interesting ovservations from the real world. On "longboardwindsurfing" they note that:

"The worlds showed a close contest between the Equipe, Starboard Phantom Race and Exocet Warp X 380. Itís a good situation for the class, because we now have new boards that are highly competitive but donít outclass the old boards".

As I read it the Phantom is a great board but the older longboards aren't out. Other tests claim that the Equipe is faster than the Phantom in the light stuff, but that the Phantom stays much more controlled when the wind gets higher.

I'm going to try my Equipe this week-end. I don't race. If it works fine for me it's nice and if I get really into longboarding I will definitely look seriousely at the Phantom 380.
I'm just NOT into a 3000$ experiment if longboards aren't the solution to my (luxury) problems.
Maybe the Serenity should deserve some attention too..

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