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Roly Gardner
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Thanks for your reply Roger,

Sorry, may I ask what TOW means please? I think I will keep my eyes open for a decent 8.5m for the 145. I had one of my best days sailing this year in really marginal conditions but getting planing with the 7.8m.It did feel quite big at first, but I have got used to it now.

Do you think that a 5m/5.3m would be worth looking at for the 99 Carve on very windy days?

Regarding foot straps, the 121 Carve has a central rear strap setting, but the 99 Carve does not. The chap that I bought them from said he did have a single rear strap on the smaller board, but this had to be at a slight angle across the inner most positions, if you see what I mean.

You mentioned that I should choose the smallest board that will keep me planing. When deciding between the smaller and larger board with,say the 6.5m, do I have to take into account that the larger board should plane more quickly or is it a question of trial and error/experience? What is the advantage of the smaller board in these circumstances?

Each of the newer boards has its own skeg. The problem I had with the 52cm fin was not with the 7.8m sail, but the smaller sails when the swell was quite high. When tacking etc it felt like the fin was being "pushed" by the waves making the board really unstable. I suspect that I will now be out on a smaller board and consequently smaller fin in these conditions which will not feel the same.

Any tips on transition from 145 to 99 or is it a question of being more precise with foot placement etc?

Thanks again

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