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PG, my current 6.0 is a camberless racesail with 7 battens. I don't really have enough experience with other sails to make comparisons but for force 4 it is just right for me.

I was sailing the other day in winds of about 10-12m/s with a 5.6 and I was ever so slightly over powered. So a 5.3 would be for 11-13m/s

I have seen that sail calculator before and I think it is inaccurate. I can take my 6.0 out up till about 8 or 9 m/s whereas the calculator says I should only take it out in 6m/s.

As mentioned earlier, I also have a 4.5 and the calculator says I should only take that out in 8m/s ! That's ridiculous! I'll go out with my 4.5 in 12-15 m/s without a seconds hesitation.

So I guess this sail calculator is not good for my weight. Past 15m/s I think I would need something smaller than a 4.5, but winds that strong are not common where I sail.

I think that with a 6.0m for bft 4-5, a 5.3m for bft 5-6 and a 4.5m for bft 6-7 I should be well equipped.
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