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Originally Posted by yankiwi View Post
First tip - don't sell the 145 if you avoid it - I sold mine and wish I hadn't now.
May I ask why?
I've been in similar situation and sold my 145l board. My current (and only) 125 l board handles 5.5-9.0 without a problem (ok, for 5.5 it's not perfect - depends on chop size - but I get few days a year for 5.5 anyway), which in my opinion is the largest sensible sail to use for recreational sailing on a freeride (not formula/slalom) board. My key tip was to use light and soft freeride sail not a full race on or even free-race machine. This kind of sail works better for marginal conditions.
Another tip was to use a quality fin - made a noticeable difference (less spinouts with 9.0).

I really wouldn't like to have both 125/130 and 145.
Just my 2c

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