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Default Futura 133 (2008) "windspeed to plane"

Hello All

I often sail a spot with shallow water (0,5 - 1,5mtr deep) and normaly use a Lessacher duo-cut weed fin 32cm - so I donīt hit the buttom. This setup is great, no spinouts, good speed ect. BUT......!!

My weight beeing 95kg and using a 8,4kvm RS:S/MKII I need 15kts to pump it onto the plane. At 14kts I can pump forever, but will never get onto a stable plane, to build up speed from.

Any ideas of how/what to do, so I can accelerate from my slow-planing situation at 13-14kts??

Practice makes perfect (i know), but any tips?

Jan - Denmark
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