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Default formula hwr or lwr

First of all, congratulations for being an escential part of the future of windsurfing. I sold my formula 160 and I want to buy one of the 2010 formula models and I have two doubts:
1) After analizeing the information available at there are two boards to choose, I need to know what a medium weight raider means in kg aprox. If I knew the weight of what the formula 2010 web page refers as a midium weight rider, It would be easier for me to choose the correct board.
2) I see ilogical that the that the LWR, which is intended for medium to light riders, has more volume (168) than the HWR (162) which is intended to heavy weight riders. Im not a designer, but perhaps there is an error in the information provided in the formula 2010 web page because I believed that more volume is intended for a heavier rider and viceversa.
Ill be waiting for your reply,
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