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Great to hear..
My intention is to use the Equipe as a light wind board. This week-end I tried it with a 8.5 and 10.3 sail (both Tushingham Lightning twin cams). The 10.3 was surprisingly more efficient. The Equipe tacks with 6 to 10 knots of speed close to the wind, in wind strengths where my formula would struggle to stay on the plane or just sclog. Some pumping gave me 13 knots in quite non planing winds..Great feeling. When the wind dropped I could still go anywhere with normal sail boat speed.
Anyway in some gusts where the board went fully planing the foot straps still seemed half a metre too far back. The mix of a '95 racer and a 2008 race sail does take some getting used to. I'm sure though that in a steady +10 knots my F159 will outperform the longboard and in 15 to 20 knots my Isonic 122 will be way faster and more handy.
The good thing though is, that now windsurfing is fun from 6 knots of wind, and that little 4 knot margin to where my formula will be fully planing adds 50% more time on the water in my real life conditions.. Great....

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