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My iSonic 101 Wood has water damage to the wood skinned planing surface. Water has penetrated the thin paint coat and the wood veneer has cracked along the grain. Wetting/ drying cycles have unstuck and shrunk the material so there are now many raised lines running down the under surface of the board. Further drying will see these raise as the unstuck wood shrinks back. Question is, how to treat and repair? Any suggestions gratefully received.
I seem to have a similar problem, or maybe the beginning of it. I have raised lines running down the plainng surface of my Is-111 but the rises are very small.

Since it looked more like a problem with fairing of the bottom rather than water penetration I decided to sand with 360. Very moderate careful sanding seem to even out my planing surface (the wood lines show where the thin paint has been sanded off).

I suspect that it is unwise to leave the wood showing (although it is resin impregnated), so my question is if I should paint just to be on the safe side (or maybe return the board under warrnty?)
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