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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
If the wood layer (only a few tenths of a mm thick, like heavy paper) didn't get enough resin when your board was built, this is about the best way to get more resin to the wood and stabilize the outer layer so moisture no longer causes it to swell and shrink.
Hope this helps!
Ok, now I am worried. I thought the wood layer was way thicker than few tenths of millimeter, so my rises might be actually in the ballpark of the thickness of the wood ...

I am not sure I understand hoe the penetrating epoxy will work. Do I need first to sand the bottom? or does the epoxy go through the paint? It would seem that the proper way to do this would be to sand the bottom (until the wood shows), put the penetrating epoxy on, sand, put fairing compound, fair and finally paint ... all this on a very large surface ... what a mess

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