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Default RE: Minor Board Patch

Hi Mike,
Krazy Glue (cyanoacrilate) will work, Satellite Systems "Hot Stuff" (not a cyanoacrilate, but similar) is a lttle better and dry as fast if not faster and is probably more permanent.
West Systems Epoxy, 5 minute Epoxy, 2 Ton epoxy, and products like Marine Tex all will work, but take a little longer to dry.
I've used JB Weld "Quick" very successfully.
Try to find osme matching paint and do your repair, then repaint the damaged area and your board will maintain it's water tightness and look good as well. If you don't paint it, you will get some pretty ugly UV yellowing with the clear products above, and for the Marine Tex (normally white or grey) and the JB Weld Quick (normally black) you will need to paint to maintian the cosmetics of your board.
Hope this helps,
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