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Default Negative tail rocker

What I take, Viking, is obtainable at all good branches of Tesco stores. It comes in natty orange PLASTIC barrel shaped containers with the word OVALTINE clearly stated! Since you insist,however, I have noticed my 'PING' rate [sudden brainwaves] increase after the change over from proper glass jars. [My tou, in my youth I regularly had a dozen 'pings' a day but inevitable decay meant I was lucky if it happened more than twice a month - until the universal introduction of plastic containers.]

How's this for an idea? In the 70's I recall there was a spate of Phaser bottomed surf boards. [Half tennis ball sized shapes pressed into the blank before glassing.] I don't remember the reasoning, and it didn.t seem to catch on but maybe Starboard should reinvent the idea for 2011! It could be the next big thing! ]Now excuse me while I go and have a snigger.]
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