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i am by no means an expert on the subject

however, have had some discussion and done some reading on the web

my understanding is the ideal thing to do is purchase the mast from the same vendor as the sail ie recommended mast

however, there seem to be 2 categories called constant curve and flex top

north sails to my understanding is flex top and NOT constant curve

the constant curves are : MauiSails, Gaastra, Sailworks, Aerotech, Naish, Severne, Autima, Fiberspar and Powerex - some people say MS is a bit softer lower

some flex tops are:NorthSails, NielPryde, Ezzy and Hot Sails Maui

this seems to be one reason why people stick to one brand of sail. i use autima with MS and Gaastra - the rest is how you rig it - downhaul n outhaul
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