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My weight is 90 kg, with FUTURA 133, NS S-TYPE 9,5m sail and 48cm slalom fin I can get comfortably on to plane with 12 - 13 kn wind, with pumping 11 12 kn. I can stay at plane until wind drops under 10kn for 5 to10 sec. I can use NS S-TYPE 9,5m sail comfortably until wind is stronger than 20 kn, from 20 to 25 kn I can still use this sail but is not comfortably any more, above 25 is survival.
With sail NS S-TYPE 7,8m I can get on to plane with 15 kn wind. Above 18 kn I can get more speed with 7,8m but with 9,5m I can get better angels of sailing.
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