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Default Futura 93 or 101?


I'm looking to buy a one board solution for medium to high wind. I'm thinking either the Futura 101 or 93. My current board is 106l and fairly easy to jibe. I read in reviews that the futuras were really stable while none planning so I am also considering the 93.

I can water start no problem on both tacks, tack, occasionally get some air chophopping, and jibe on one side and occasionally on the other (depending on the wind).

What I really want to know is:

How much harder will the 93 be to jibe than the 101 (with 4 cm less width)?

At my weight (55kg) will I still be able to take the 101 out in high wind?

Is there a noticeable difference in top end speed between the two?

Naturally a smaller board will be easier to jump, but is it also possible to jump the 101 quite easily?

I wish I could test both boards out to answer these questions myself but unfortunately I can't, so I have to really on others' experience to make my choice.

JP Super-X 106l, North F8 Ram: 5.8m,
175cm, 54kg
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