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Seems like I missed this post.

I agree with Cuno, the PA74 is surely a special board. Its one of these boards that just feels right. The spiraling v works in very well, just as on the Kombats. It engages when you enter a turn at lots of speed and do a kind of front footed turn and then it just glues the front end to the radius you're turning. Turning like on rails is an often used phrase, but here it fits unusually well. This goes both for turning on a wave and flat water. I personally liked it a lot for blasting. I tested it in waves but kept doing speed runs outside of the breaks every round just to feel the board work. Despite being about as wide as the 05 80 it will definitely feel smaller.

Jonatan:I think all the Pure Acids crosses over to perform on cross onshore too (but still keep their style). The PA68 has a bit more drawn out outline than the 74, but will still handle slower speed OK (but the 74 does this better). I actually looked at my testing protocol from PA07 testing the other day, and I wrote that the 68 clearly felt like the right size for me (I'm 69 kilos).

As you suggest, both the EVo 70 and particularly the 62 are valid options too. The 70 works in lots of wind, but you need to be very committed to handle its relatively big size. If you do this the more drive built into the shape is wonderful. I sometimes use it even with a 3.5 despite that I also have the 62. It may seem close in size to the 74/75, but the control factor in lots of wind is actually heaps better on the 70.

The 62 is an easier board to ride once your super powered up. Its narrower tail makes it less critical how you set up the top turn and is extremely easy to control in a straighline to. It handles 4.5 and 5.0 well too, but ust want to be a bit more powered up on a wave to stay efficient.

Please ask again if you want more info.

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