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Hi Barker,
I'd try some hot water.
Connect a garden hose to a hot water spigot somewhere (often found in a laundy room to feed hot water to a clothes washing machine) and get some sort of fine nozzle on the end of the hose (find one of the little brass ones that looks like a miniature fire hose nozzle) and then stick the hose up the luff sleeve from the camber access below.
Turn the hose on (not real hard) and direct the stream of hot water at the sticking camber roller. Try to hit the end of the roller so the water tries to flow into the "bearing
area" around the spindle the roller turns on.
I would "drape" the sail over saw horses or something so the area you are working on is lower than the rest of the sail.
I do not think that hot water that you can stick your hand in would soften the glue seams in your sail, but I would avoid getting the hot water on the seams, just in case.
Hot water has "unstuck" alot of zippers that penetrating oil didn't budge, in my experience.
Hot water melts salt deposits more quickly than anything that I know of.
Also, do the SS spindles that are the "axles" for your cam rollers come out of the cam?
Might be good to just pry the whole assembly out, unstick or replace the spindle and roller, then snap it back into place.
Hope this helps,
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