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Ola as always I appreciate your advice. The K94 seems like a logical choice but how would it be for learning freestyle? Would there be any benefit to keeping the T94 and just adding the F94 or F106? I am a newbie freestyler and would be learning the basics.

Replacing the A74 with just one board would be cheaper and makes more since this is the board I use the least. I usually have to travel for wind! That being said I have enjoyed having a board for when it does blow and that suits my light weight. My only complaint with A74 is the on/off switch in gusty conditions and the narrow tail for jumping. It seems like a contradiction but I want a board that is settled in the water for B&J but is ready to jump when I want it to. Could you expand on any differences between the A74 and the Q71. Would I be able to add a 3.3 to my quiver with the Q71 for the one or two times a year I would need it. Majority of sailing for this board would be 4.2 / 4.7.

Finally I am interested in updating some of my sails with Superfreaks. I will post on the HSM forum for your thoughts there.

thxs again
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