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Default RE: Apollo VS Formula 186X

Hugh Jarmes wrote:

...i would be interested to hear from someone more knowledgeable on this and to clarify what exactly determines a boards early planing ability and whay the x-186 is so good...

In my opinion and following fundamental principles of fluid dynamics, what affects "early planing abilities" positively, is a larger board wetted surface... however this characteristic, due a higher friction resistance, influences board top speed negatively...

An empiric evidence is noticeable on annunced performances of new "Apollo", with much pronounced "early planing" qualities till 12 knots but slower than "161" in higher winds: as everybody knows, "Apollo" is longer than "161" and has, consequently, a wider wetted surface.

Another confirmation comes from Jarmes's old X-186 and F2 Thommen XXL, boards with characteristics similar to "Apollo".

In the second instance, Apollo "early planing" performances are certainly emphasized by a longer (75 cm) fin...

- Expander.

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