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I haven't used the 94 size, but had the Trance 84 and have had the Kode 86. The Kode is in my opinion for sure a better freestyle board (I suck at it myself, but since the Kode is so much "crisper" and have better "pop" I draw this conclusion). As I wrote, its just a better board and I doubt you will ever sail the Trance if you also have the Kode 94.

But if learning freestyle is indeed a high priority, you should for sure get the Flare. It's still OK for general riding and carving tricks. And the way it connects to the water just screams - Trick me! Jump me! Spin me! It's really something special and in some sense I think this will be even more helpful for someone learning freestyle than for when you already have it wired. So would the Trance 94 add anything to a F98 (fx)? Maybe for say, light wind wave riding or overpowered blasting, but in your situation, I kind of doubt you'll end up using it.

As for wave boards: It may sound like marketing mumbo jumbo, but the Quads really are very settled and fin driven when you lean back and power them (B&J style) and still when you stand a bit more upright they have great pop for jumping. The narrower 05 A74 will maybe feel easier to put in edge and runs a bit deeper in the water, but its rocker also makes it a bit nervous in chop. The Quad 71 is so much more versatile. I have not used it will less than 3.5, but that was OK for me (at 70kg). Over the years, I often had both the EVO 70 (same shape) and and in some kind of 3.5 conditions I've used the 70 despite that I've had golld smaller boards to choose from. And the Quad setup makes it even more controlled in high wind, particularly with the smaller front fins (13).

Of course, there would be merits to a Quad66 at your weight, but for most conditions, I think you will find the 71 smoother and looser. For me when it comes to wave riding, it's only in really powerful high wind conditions when you need to crank super hard carving turns that the Q66 is better. With 4.0 and smaller the Q66 get kicked around a bit less and you feel more comfortable on the 66 than on 71, but again. The 71 is still good in such conditions so it seems like a smarter choice overall.
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