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Very roughtly speaking, I would say the Q71 would have the same kind of straight line stability like the sort of stubby looking Rebel, while a super fast rockered board like the Goya would feel more directional in a straight line. Once turning, the Q71 has a tighter radius than the Goya, maybe more like the Rebel, but the quad setup both make is looser in the turn initiation and enables you do generate and contain speed also in a drawn out turn much better. Particularly in onshore it is astonishing how the Quads let you make both super short turns on the wave face as well as longer ones. . Top turns are also in another league. The fins stick to a carve incredible well and you can finish your turns better, both when you carve them through and when you whip the board around. Amazing for onshore. And since the Quads also plane earlier and go upwind much better than fx EVOs ever did, I'd say they are super good all round board for what you describe.
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