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As always you have been very helpful Ola. It seems that you have confirmed my original ideas about a K94 and a Q71. I was hoping to get an 09 K94 but they are already gone so I will have to save for an 2010 model. It seems from some of the reading I have done that the 2010 Flare borrowed from the rockerline of the Kode so I would assume the Kode can still spin and pop etc. Not sure if I want to limit myself to a dedicated freestyle board but I guess I have some winter months to think about it.

Any thoughts on the differences between the K94 09 and 10. Also if Taty or somone else from the team is able to comment on the differences between the Kode and the Flare for a newbie freestyler I would not mind hearing. I suspect I would still want to take the Flare into some onshore waves and it seems that this can be done. Knowing that I can possibly take the Q71 out with a 5.3 in waves means I could take my SUP out with the 6.0 Hmmmm Can't tell you how much I love that SUP and sailing / wavesailing strapless. What's old is new
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